A 3 minute walk from Liverpool Hospital, the rooms at 106/161 Bigge Street are central to the busy Liverpool medical district.

Suitable for most medical specialties and allied health professionals, the suites are furnished with modern medical facilities, such as an x-ray viewing box and examination bed. You will find radiology, pathology and a wide range of medical services in the vicinity.

With views onto Bigge Park, the rooms are well-lit, air-conditioned and comfortably furnished.

The building is easily accessible by road and rail.  It is right beside the Warren Serviceway Car Park and 100 metres from Liverpool railway station and its associated bus stops.


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Warren Serviceway Car Park

640 spaces incl. 120 permanent reserved spaces

0-2 hours $3
2-3 hours $6
3-4 hours $8
4-5 hours $9
5 + hours (maximum per day) $13

Ground floor

Permanent reserved spaces (when available) per 28 days – $195.00

Any level

Weekly $43 unreserved
Pass Card deposit $15 (Refundable)

Levels 4, 5 & 6 only

Weekly unreserved $30
Monthly unreserved $99
Pass Card deposit $15 (Refundable)


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